Aid for the Republic of Georgia
Update from St. Louis

The Things Not Reported...

Things on the ground in Georgia are changing quickly, despite the "cease-fire" that is allegedly in place.  There are reports that the Russians are looting the citizens and destroying military infrastructure. I wonder what the libtards think of that?  I am certain that the Russian soldiers are not handing out candy to little Georgian children right now, nor are they deploying forces to handle the displaced.

Hmmmm....  I wonder which country's Armed Forces has units of Civil Affairs personnel trained to handle things like this?

My personal opinion is we need to do all we can to support an ally who needs our help.

If they start blowing holes in the runways, the Suckometer (calibrated for accuracy by the Army and Marine Infantry Branches) is going to peg out for those aircrews.

John A. Barnes has something here that is an interesting idea.  I am certain that Matty, Uncle J, Froggy and The Crew here could put something together as well.

How many of you believe that there were soldiers on those relief flights that belonged to the RRC, AFSOC, ODA (insert number here), SOF-D or some other Special Mission Unit?  I think they are likely giving ground truth to Tampa right now.

It is an axiom of modern combat that when you deploy Special Forces, you are at war...