No, It's Not Good At All
While the EU and NATO Fiddle....

The scariest thing I can think of

Obama_cake_boy Putinthrone

Do I even have to write this piece after putting those two pictures side by side. W looked into Putin's eyes and saw his own weakness, Obama would look in those eyes and wet himself.

If the invasion of Georgia didn't send chills down your spine, then you know nothing of Russian history. I put Putin opposite the Obama because Russia is wholly owned and operated by him and his friends as the largest criminal enterprise this planet has ever known. After the Soviet Union fell, Putin began acquiring the physical resources and the former state enterprises that exploit them and selling them to his circle of criminal nomenklatura.

Prime Minister Medvedvglevsintev or whatever, has stated that Russia is the guarantor of sovereignty for the Caucasus. That is the justification that they used historically to dominate many of the countries that made up the Republics of the former USSR. Now that he is in control of huge natural wealth and the means to exploit it, Putin is in a position to become the new Czar of a renewed Russian Bear. He has untold billions, perhaps trillions of dollars under his personal control and the ability to generate as much wealth as he needs. He is old-school KGB and his private intel and security forces are becoming every bit as capable as they were during the Cold War.

The part that is really scary is that when we took on the Soviet Union it was patently obvious what an existential threat they were, but Putin now rules from behind the scenes. In addition they were operating under the Communist system, which is horribly inefficient and counter-productive to attempts to run industry and state. Putin now is unconstrained by that and can operate a quasi-capitalistic crime syndicate. The only question was how strong his influence is over the Russian military, and I think this incursion shows he has no fear of the US or the UN. Be afraid, not very afraid yet but afraid for damn sure. The election of the Obama would be a national security nightmare for many reasons (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc.) but the thought of him as our counter to Putin is akin to Urkel fighting Fedor Emelianenko.