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Preparedness Week Repost

It's been a while, and though I have meant to do this as a yearly post, things slipped away. While this is too late if you are in the path of Gustav (and I hope any readers down there have already done the bug out boogie), it is still a good time for those elsewhere to think, take stock, and stock up.

Looking After Yourself
Room Kits
Car and Power
Bugging Out, Snivel Gear, and More
Packs, Cans, and Protection
Some Thoughts

Be sure to check out some excellent suggestions in the comments to those posts.

Remember, preparedness is not things: it is a state of mind. As such, it is on par with choosing to be a victim, or a Victor. Make preparedness a part of your life, do a little along, and you will ride out most crises in style and comfort.