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New leadership for Israel

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert seems likely headed for prison due to a bad habit of taking satchels full of cash from businessmen to subsidize a high-flying lifestyle. That is good news for Israel as Olmert gave them their first loss in a war ever by completely mishandling last Summer's fight with Hezbollah. Israel got forests worth of bad press, most undeserved but none the less, and now Hezbollah has more rockets in Southern Lebanon than they did last year plus they have moved into neighborhoods they didn't control last year and turned them into armories and fighting positions. Bravo, well done Ehud.

His likely replacements are both much more hawkish and less tolerant of their trouble-causing neighbors. Tzipi Livni, the Foreign Minister has been said to have worked for Mossad which always makes me happy as the best decisions are made with teh help of human intel and Mossad rocks in that regard. She also takes a very dim view of the Iranian nuke programs. Con Coughlin says this about her in the Telegraph.

Tzipi Livni, Israel's foreign minister, is the most likely candidate to replace Mr Olmert. She recently lamented to her senior aides that, should it became necessary for Israel to launch military action against Iran to prevent it developing nuclear weapons, there would be no one in Jerusalem to authorise it.....
As foreign minister, she has followed closely the tortuous negotiation process led by the Europeans to persuade Iran to halt its uranium-enrichment programme, and has concluded that the Iranians are only interested in stringing out the process for as long as possible so that they can carry on with developing their nuclear programme.

Another contender will be Benyamin Netanyahu whose hawk credentials are well-established. He has repeatedly said that the current government has been too weak in dealing with Syria and would be much more amenable to a strike against Iran's nuke sites than any other likely candidate.

The change in government is momentous even though it comes from corruption not policy. It will be interesting to see what happens as the consequences are very grave.