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Michelle Obama & military spouses

Michelle Malkin points out something that looks like an improper attempt to gain support for Obama among military spouses. They have decided to attempt to resurrect Michelle Obama's deserved rep as an anti by having her try to sell the Obama to the military through the homefront sixes of the world. Good luck communing with real people who don't whine about how much their daughter's piano lessons costs. Plus it seems to violate a number of prohibitions about improper command influence. Plus she is an America-hater who likely shares F. John kerry's view about poor folks who couldn't do anything better than join the military.

    The problem is in how the campaign is attempting to bring military spouses to the discussions with Michelle. They are asking members of Blue Stars for Obama to go out and seek other military spouses, who are not signed on to Blue Stars for Obama, in order to drum up large crowds for the events.

    Some BSFOs are known to be contacting other military wives, urging them to take part in a political event; the rough equivalent of “undue command pressure” — unacceptable behavior considering that spouses of junior officers or enlisted personnel can sometimes be intimidated by a request or admonition from the wife of a senior officer or enlisted military member. After all, the senior officers and enlisted write or have input on the fitness reports for those under their purview (”I can’t cross the chief officer’s or master sergeant’s wife; her husband holds my husband’s career in his hands”).

    Since the military member cannot take part in publicly supporting a particular candidate, it has always been understood among military wives that it is also inappropriate for a military member’s spouse to use her position in the military community to solicit others toward her personal political views via access she has gained to e-mail addresses, phone numbers and other networking avenues available to her within the military context.

If any of you get contacted or know anything else about this please ping me and let me hear about it. And if you can, invite her over for tea and an education.