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Judicial Waterboarding of Our Marines - UPDATE SGT Nazario Acquitted!

IVAW at the DNC

I think this video is going to make some of you out there reach for either your blood pressure medication or a bat.  I suggest that you put away anything destructive before viewing it.  Let me know what you think about the money quote at the very end.

I continue to be amazed by these guys at the IVAW, and the fact that the guy featured in the video is wearing an MP Brassard sent me into a dimension of pissed off that God has not seen on Earth since the time of Moses.  That dude better never show up in the same square mile that I am in, cuz Deebow's got sumpin' for him.

But on the less pissed off side, I want to know what it was in their training or their upbringing that made them think war was neat and clean?  Did these vets think that you were going to get the college money without having to do something dangerous?  When they gave you that gun did you expect to not have to use it?  Sure, I am certain some civilians who didn't deserve it got guns pointed at them and I am certain that some of them felt afraid.

And when you engage in a COIN missions and fight the enemy this way, these things will happen.  Maybe we should ask those same civilians that this guy is talking about that he is portraying as abused and violated by US Soldiers how they feel about AQI packing up and leaving their country, for Afghanistan, parts unknown or for their 72 virgins.  Wonder how they feel about that?

Maybe I am way off on this, but I am not quite convinced of the "street cred" that some of these IVAW guys have.  Were they Fobbits?  Did they ever really go out and complete dangerous missions or is this all part of some misguided Walter Mitty-Scotty Beauchamp episode in their life?  I just refuse to believe the things these guys say when I see the stories and pictures from guys like Michael Yon and our embeds from B5. 

I am quite certain though that when this shell of a man described their little soliloquy as "street theater" that he was absolutely correct, with great emphasis on the "theater" part.