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Georgia Update: Who'll Stop The Rain

Because a rainy night in Georgia could well mean it rains all over the world.

This one will be short as I am out of time this morning, and I am going to be spending a bit of time when I can today trying to track down confirmation on report of SS-21's (hat tip The Jawa Report) being deployed by Russia into Georgia.

You can find some decent info on the SS-21 here and here. Short version: short ranged (20-120km roughly) missile that can carry conventional warhead, mines/mine dispersal unit, chemical, and the AA60 tactical nuclear warhead. They are not terribly accurate, with a Circular Error Probability (CEP) of approximately 160 meters (i.e., they are not pinpoint weapons) The chemical and nuclear components are most troubling, and are why I am trying to get more information and confirmation on this report.

That said, the rest of the news is not good. Russia is not honoring the cease fire (no surprise) and has moved into P'oti and other cities to destroy military installations and may be conducting other operations as well.

Humanitarian aid is arriving, and one can hope for more. Right now, Old Europe has not significantly engaged, leaving Poland, Ukraine, and some of the Baltics to lead. Note that you don't see much, if anything, about what these and other former Soviet states are saying and doing in support of Georgia in the major media. Again, you need to hit the following or news and blogs in those countries to get even a taste:

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Here are some other milblogs that are covering this:

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UPDATE: I've been meaning to say Thank You! to all those who have left such cogent analysis, interesting links, and other solid information here. Some of that I hope to expand in the next few days, so stay tuned.