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Georgia On My Mind

Don't want to overshadow the outstanding reports from our embeds on the situation in Iraq (see here and here), but do want to remind one and all of a few things, and to note that if I get the chance to post updates today, it will be at this post.

First up, here are some sources of information on what is going on:

Baltic Times
The Messenger
Scraps of Moscow
All About Latvia
Lex Libertas
foreign notes
Yezhednevny zhurnal
Global Voices
The 8th Circle
A Fistful of Euros
Nosemonkey's EUtopia
Wu Wei

Reminder: when you hit Russian, Ukranian, or other blogs, hit their blogrolls. Some of them have excellent ones that are even indexed by type or location. Thanks to Robert Langland for The Messenger. If you have any Georgia or related blogs, please leave them in the comments and I will add them to the list.

Here is a list of Blackfive posts dealing with the Russian invasion of Georgia:

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The Devil Went To Georgia
For Georgia

I join with Grim and also declare for Georgia, and note that there are some excellent comments in The Devil Went To Georgia and strongly suggest you read Olga (who lived the Soviet system) and the new comment from chartwel.

If you will pardon the pun, my thoughts this morning are grim for I expect to see Tbilisi besieged before long, for Putin is most serious about deposing the current government and president. Nor do I think his plans stop there.

More if/as I get the chance.