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Georgia: A Withdrawal Of Sorts

Very short and sweet this morning, as I have a funeral for a good enemy and several other things on the plate today. Russian troops have indeed begun pulling back in selected spots, but still seem to be digging in in others well beyond anything that anyone other than the Russians believe is a reasonable security zone. Keep in mind that looting and more continues, and that any resistance to same or much of anything else could, and likely will be, used as a pretext for stopping or even advancing. I see a lot of people saying that this is over, things are good, go back to sleep -- bulls**t. My thoughts on the mental capability and capacity of any who believe that can't be posted here and stay within the guidelines. There are a lot of interesting, rumors let's say, going around. Keep an eye on this, for all may not be as it seems. Meantime, there is more to come in terms of reporting here. Stay tuned.