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Free Speech

For what appears to be the second time this year, either Google is having some serious issues or a group of punk idiots is once again misusing tools to brand blogs with which they disagree as being spam blogs. Today comes news that this now includes milblogs such as Thunder Run and Information Dissemination, the DC Protest Warrior (Concrete Bob) site, and others apparently including Boston Maggie.

Now, this may be just a problem with Google/Blogger, but the messages received all seem to indicate that these were flagged by readers as spam blogs. Still could be a glitch, and in fact wouldn't surprise me much. I don't have a good opinion of Google, and haven't for some time since their technology just isn't keeping up with the hype of "Do Evil -- It Makes Us Even Richer"

Yet and still, there are quite a few out there who seem to feel that free speech is just for them and also are known to do all they can, from trolling to making a variety of interesting (and baseless) charges, to try to shut down anyone who does not feel as they do. One sect of this cult is widely suspected in a similar round of lockouts earlier this year at Blogspot. I do not think the phrase "free speech" means what some seem to think it means -- it is not free speech for me, none for thee. Free speech is a two way street.

A Little Preemptive Troll Bashing: The idiots who come here and claim that they are being denied their rights, that we here at Blackfive are evilly oppressing (on behalf of the conspiracy of your choice, take two side items and note that I, at least, evilly oppress them for the sheer pleasure of it) when we edit, delete or ban are missing several points (IQ as well as philosophical). 1. The Constitution protects you from the Government, it don't do a damn thing to protect you from me/us. 2. No one here is stopping you from going and setting up your own blog for cheap or for free. In fact, we encourage you to do so as if you throw feces there, we don't have to clean it up here. 3. The Constitution in no way requires that I/we are required to pay for you to fling feces or otherwise rant and rave; nor is there any moral, legal, or ethical requirement outside of said document requiring us to foot the bill for your soapbox. Get a bath, get a job, pay for it yourself.

I admit I have my suspicions on this, but also will cheerfully admit that there is no hard evidence either way. I am also quite sure that Google will do all it can either way to make sure none comes from them, as it would either show yet more technical issues while they are facing a serious technological challenge from a new search engine and related technology( though my favorite mega engine remains Dogpile) or that their flagging system is readily subject to serious abuse and misuse. I don't see them willingly admitting to either.

If you are a milblogger and are locked out, drop me a line and I will set you up to post at my site (Blackfive keys are not mine to give away). I also suggest strongly that you consider Word Press or TypePad. I can even recommend a good blog design firm or two...