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Domestic Terrorism

Whenever people point out the obvious fact that the vast majority of terror attacks in the world are conducted by Muslims, the left screams what about Timothy McVeigh? They do so as if there is a reasonable comparison to be made. McVeigh, Kazynski, Eric Rudolph and now Bruce Ivins all of dreaded, white male variety, but they are pretty much it. And they don't even share an ideology among them, with a possible white supremacist, an anti-capitalist nuttah, an anti-abortion freak, and a scientist whacko trying to keep his job.

Ann Althouse put these two photos side by side and asked for comments.
Atta Ivins

That's an easy one.


Islamist extremist member of a death cult dedicated to the murder of as many people who disagree with their religious views as possible. Ringleader of plot to fly loaded airliners into the twin towers, White House and the Capitol building. Succeeded in killing almost 3,000 people.

Motivation- A far too common interpretation of Islam and a desire to put the entire world under the totalitarian, iron sandal of Sharia law.

Ivins- A pitiful nerd scientist obsessed with a sorority whose member had (quite obviously correctly) spurned his advances. Mentally unstable, increasingly more deranged, begins mailing packages and letters under assumed names. Eventually goes all the way around the bend and sends anthrax to a number of places killing five.

Motivation- He's a freakin' nuttah, who eventually snapped and indulged his mania and his need for employment by creating a domestic terror incident.

There are probably one or two other scientists whose minds are overwhelmed and who could potentially snap like Kazynski or Ivins. There are millions of Muslims around the world who think Atta did the right thing and bin Laden is a hero. Who are you more concerned with?