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Complex Taliban Assault or Breathless Reporting

From Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee comes this comparison to breathless reporting by the NY Times and reality...

A group of Taliban gathering for an attack on Camp Salerno were spotted "posturing to attack," and cut to shreds by small arms and helicopter fire, never getting closer than 1,000 yards to the American base.

How did the NY Times characterize the assault?

"The attack on Camp Salerno in Khost Province was one of the most complex attacks seen so far in Afghanistan with multiple suicide bombers and a backup fighting force that tried to breach defenses on to the airport at the base."

For the Times to try to inflate the importance or the complexity of the Taliban attack on Camp Salerno beyond the buffoonish, ill-advised and utter failure that it was isn't simply bad reporting, but verges on making excuses for the other side.

Check it out.

[P.S. It was a freakin' squad sized assault according to the AP - the AP headline -   "Taliban kill 10 French paratroopers, raid US base" - suggests the Taliban raided the base.  Well, they raided 1km from the base...if you want to be accurate, which they don't seem to, it was an "attempted raid" that resulted in their demise.]