Back to Iraq- Return to Taji/Look what I found
Michelle Obama & military spouses

Back to Iraq- Videos & Round Up

The embeds are all heading back to Baghdad for exfil. They got all kinds of good video and interviews etc, there just wasn't enough bandwidth in country to get it back here. They get back to America on Thursday and I will begin compiling the video. We will also be making a documentary and a show for the Arena USA platform as well. Here is a round up of what has gone before. An interview and slideshow from Kate Norley

An interview and slideshow from Shawn Bryan

A report from Pete Hegseth on rebuilding the Golden Mosque in Samarra

Kate's Dispatches

Kate & the Sheiks

Norley joins the Strykers

Ready to launch

Return to Taji & Look what I found

Shawn Bryan

Iraqis handling their business

Hurry up and wait in Baghdad

Erik Swabb

Military working dogs