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Just Another Day At The Office

A Blackwater Friday

This Friday Matty O' Blackfive, Mary Katharine Ham, the Armed LiberalNZ Bear, Christian Lowe  and me winged our way down the the Blackwater compound. We got a tour, several hours of Q&A with President Gary Jackson and a chance to shoot AR-15s. That was all well and good and BW actually have very interesting and in my mind positive ideas about roles for their company (another post), and we saw that the $$$ the Armed Lib has spent on gun training paid off, but we all agreed that the highlight was several Hot Laps in a convoy of three Crown Victorias piloted (seriously) by some of BWs maniacs. I have done some high speed driver training and even got to ride shotgun in a Porsche 959 on the Nurburgring track in Deutschland, but this was Tokyo Drift in cop cars. WOW! Have a look.

Here is MK getting her attitude right to ping some steel.

More pics after the jump.


Matty O' Gunslinger


MK, NZ Bear & The Armed Lib approach the OK Corral

[Matty O' Blackfive's version is here]