A Banner Day For Those Coming Home
McCain's character, coddled pacifists & a funny

"You Just Can't Beat John McCain"

Over at MilBlogs (are you checking it everyday?), Mrs.Greyhawk finds some foreign support for John McCain that may surprise you.  The commander of the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison says:

..."So now I consider John McCain my friend because he did much to mend relations between our two countries. And if he becomes president he will do more to improve those ties."

This was after they beat the living hell out of him for five years - several times, they almost killed Commander McCain.

John McCain helped to mend those ties when he had every damn right not to.  If you want a testament of someone who is open to dialog, I can't think of a better example.  As Mrs. G alluded:

You just can't beat John McCain.

Being a POW is definitely not a unique qualification necessary to be President.  I think that's obvious as we've had every other President not be a POW...neither is military service.  But if you look at what John McCain did with his service and his time during some very very dark hours, you'll find strength and compassion that is hard to find elsewhere.  How did Obama act during his darkest hours (at the coffee shop at Havard Yard)?

The latest stupidity from General (ret) Clark just shows the depths of vileness that Clark and Obama are going for (Obama IS a Chicago politician).  Check out the left's political hitmen exposed here and here.  This just shows that Obama is a politician as usual instead of a "agent of change."  Agents of Change would take the high road and discuss why McCain's plans aren't equal to theirs, wouldn't they?

So, instead, you have surrogates distracting from the actual discussion that should be happening about Obama's plans for the War on Terror, the Economy, Foreign Policy, etc. which have plenty of issues to bring to light to the American people. 

And shame on those who malign Col. Bud Day.  That's just plain weak and dishonorable.

SIDEBAR:  Gotta say the thing that I'm surprised about is the reaction about the Swifties and Col Day.  The left seems to have no idea who he is and treat him like he's some Media Matters mirror for the conservatives. The very idea is ridiculous to anyone who bothers to Google "Bud Day".

John Kerry served in Viet Nam. 

It was what he did when he came home that upset most of us millions of veterans.  The left doesn't get THAT.  Veterans Day came a week early in 2004 when we denied John Kerry the privilege of being CIC.

I believe that the left sees this as their opportunity for some pay back - their turn to smear a veteran from the other side.


John McCain does have a detractor from the Hanoi Hilton.  One of his fellow prisoners and academy classmates wrote an Op-Ed a few months ago about what a horrible leader John McCain was...and even cited that McCain frequently "went over the wall" at the Naval Academy to meet girls and have a *cough* few drinks.  I LMAO about that.  Hell, every one of the Blackfive boyz would have followed him over the wall for that.

He is not a scholar.  He is a rebel.  He gets emotional.  He has plenty of flaws that even he recognizes.  But whatever you political hitmen think you can do to him...

You just can't beat John McCain.