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Why McCain's captivity matters

You would think it would be simple, but I forget that the concepts of Duty, Honor & Country are dirty words to the left/press. None who have served, well none with more than 4 months in the motor pool, wonder what John McCain proved to us. We know that a man who would refuse to be released ahead of others and allow the enemy a propaganda victory definitely understands and stays true to those three pillars. The clowns on the left toss out the straw man that he learned nothing about foreign policy there. Well I disagree, he learned at least one thing. Our enemies are evil, ruthless bastards and they do not play by the same rules. Barack Obama believes America is evil and ruthless and needs the cleansing only he can lightwork.

Let's compare the two:

John McCain was so loyal to the men he was imprisoned with he endured torture on their behalf.

Barack Obama associates with those who can help his career, and throws them right under the bus when they become inconvenient to his aspirations.

That single issue of character matters more than all the others combined. You can trust John McCain. You can trust Barack Obama to use you as a stepping stone. The banty Clark fails to understand this in any way as he is a man of much mmore ambition than character himself. Let us not forgot this man's judgment was bad enough he ordered a British General to attack Russian troops who were on their first mission as our purported allies. Clark's unwarranted ego almost caused WWIII. Yet his voice sounds right off key with the rest of Obama''s clueless chorus.

Obama is a feather blowing in the political breeze. McCain is a rock. Vote Maverick.

Update: More here from us about how you just can't beat John McCain.