Re Egibbon (again)
Midnight visitors and Faces in the Fog

What is the left scared of?

Here's why I love this place. I post a Bomb, bomb, bomb piece, and Grim points out where the other plan I asked for was, it doesn't convince me, but is an excellent argument. He also notes that our loyal-ish opposition is hedging.

It's interesting, Bob: Jimbo's piece on Iran was from The New Republic. This one was from a HuffPo writer who took time out to go listen to Gen. Abizaid. The question of peace or war is obviously on a lot of minds on the left.

Yes it is and why? Because having Grim and the Wolf and some of the more analytical types interacting with us knuckle draggers gets so interesting. The why is because we are winning on the facts and that is affecting the left /media's nascent victory in the information war.

'Ya see, we always win the war part, but we have yet to fully dominate the "Who won the war" lie-telling our opponent's press agents enagage in.