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What Does A Cache Look Like?

You hear a lot about caches being found, and the question oft gets raised on why are they so hard to find? Well, a cache can be hidden anywhere, from under a large paver or stone in a patio, to floorboards, to a clump of brush. On the latter, there are thousands of such clumps seemingly everywhere in Iraq.

While at an economic re-development meeting with some Iraqi's, Captain Summers of Team Easy was told of a potential cache that they thought might be mines. I never could get a clear statement on how it was spotted, as I heard the locals say they saw someone plant the cache, that they found it, that someone had told them of it... Not atypical. The upshot was that Capt. Summers and I walked out to check on it with one of the Iraqis who knew where it was. The downside was that we picked up a cast of thousands it seemed, as most of the locals and more of our own people joined in, making things somewhat problematic near the end of the walk -- resulting in a F-bomb you will hear near the end. You are warned.

I made this video for one of the presentations I give as a speaker, and only recently realized that I apparently never had posted it. So, for your viewing pleasure, here it is:

BTW, those are anti-tank mines. I suspect I know where they were made, but being relatively sane did not attempt to verify that. Crazy I may be, stupid I try to avoid... This video also resulted in someone literally kicking my rear after a speaking event. A female friend of mine, who is somewhat petite, was, er, annoyed that I had gotten as close as I had (and didn't really get that it didn't matter at that point if I got closer as I was within 100 feet), and proceeded to kick me three times in the posterior. Given that she had to in essence high-kick to do it, and she is even more enjoyable to view when mad, I really didn't mind.

Enjoy, and appreciate why it can be hard to find even caches that are out in the relative open...