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Vets for Freedom- Back to Iraq

Here is some interesting news that I have to say didn't surprise me much (since I am helping with the project). Vets for Freedom is sending 8 folks back to Iraq to report first hand on the success.

Vets for Freedom is sending eight Iraq war combat veterans "back to Iraq" to embed with U.S. combat units and assess the security and political situation on the ground. The media—-along with recent Iraq visitors—-have not sufficiently reported the gains on the ground...so we'll do it ourselves.

We will return to the Iraqi cities where we once patrolled—-cities like Fallujah, Baqubah, Samarra, and Baghdad—-to provide a true "before and after" perspective and analyze the results of the surge, observe ongoing counterinsurgency operations, and examine future scenarios that might confront U.S. and Iraqi forces, as well as the Iraqi government.


All eight Vets for Freedom members have received their media credentials through Blackfive, National Review Online or The Weekly Standard. And while in Iraq, we will provide regular updates through the above media organizations and at www.vetsforfreedom.org. We will be blogging daily, writing full-length pieces, shooting video footage, and reporting live from the ground.

Embeds will be meeting with U.S. and Iraqi military and civilian leaders, and will focus our analysis on determining the durability of recent gains, the potential consequences of a rapid American withdrawal, the proper "conditions-based" metrics needed to measure future force levels, the status of displaced Iraqis, and the prospects for the return of al Qaeda to Iraq, among other issues.

As a matter of fact I am sitting in the VFF office in DC and will be coordinating the online media for them. The media did a brilliant job of highlighting the carnage when Iraq was in chaos, but bailed as soon as things started looking good. Well we will make sure that video, pictures and the voices of those who know the situation on the ground are heard.

UPDATE: Had a couple of questions about donating to help this. VFF is a non-profit so they have to be constantly fundraising. Here is a link to their donate page.