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Midnight visitors and Faces in the Fog

Zermat_21Some of us still see them at night.  Others see them all the time and it really takes some help to make peace with them.  Even heroes need a brother to lean on.

Captain Nate Self has a book out called "Two Wars"  and if you are not familiar with Captain Self, he was the man who lead the rescue of trapped US Navy SEALs (SEAL Petty Officer Neil Roberts among them) on Takur Ghar.  If you want more than I can give you here, then pick up a copy of Roberts Ridge and Not a Good Day to Die and check out the story.   

This picture is from the roof of my firebase and looking up at the moon rise over Takur Ghar (snow-capped mountain in the center of the photo).  The terrain looks formidable from here.  I can't imagine what it would have been like to be there.

My sincere thanks to Captain Nate Self for showing that this problem can affect everyone and highlighting what needs to be fixed to help other soldiers overcome it.  I would follow him into Hell with a gas can in each hand.  My thanks to him because he is facing the problem of his PTSD with the same leadership that he used to lead his men down the ramp of that MH-47.

Check out the Army Times Article and check out the book.  I am right now and it truly is one of the best reads this year.

You can lean on me Sir....  Lean on Me......

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