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That was Counterterrorism, Senator

Steve Schippert of ThreatsWatch is a pretty level-headed guy so when he drops the hammer about the Obama's reckless claims about events in Iraq you know a line has been crossed. He points out the deceit, and perfidy in Barry O's shameless posturing. Vote Maverick.

Presidential Candidate Obama’s statements in and about Iraq in the past 24 hours have been nothing less than shameless and disgraceful. While we strive to avoid political discussion at ThreatsWatch, criticism of his words transcends rank political partisanship if for no other reason than his claims are simply and flatly untrue, made in a war zone, during a time of war and while running to become the Commander in Chief of US Military Forces. This simply cannot stand unchallenged.

He goes on to recount the many remakings of history Obama uses to camouflage the simple fact that he was wrong about Iraq every step of the way.

There is a new political blog you should check out. Katie Favazza was a compatriot of Mary Katharine Ham's at Townhall until MKH moved to the Examiner. Now she has her own blog.

911 Families has some thoughts on what to do post-Boumedienne decision.