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Stop calling me a racist Barry

Obama and America.

The Democrat’s Achilles’ heel in this model is an inchoate sense among some voters that the new arrival on the national stage with the unusual biography — who’s the first black nominee from either party — isn’t American enough.

Prior to Obama’s trip overseas, though, McCain had instead employed, without appreciable effect, a more conventional critique of his opponent as an ordinary politician, a flip-flopper and, of course, a liberal.

On Saturday, though, McCain released a new television advertisement in which the announcer says that on his trip, Obama “made time to go to the gym, but canceled a visit with wounded troops. Seems the Pentagon wouldn't allow him to bring cameras.”

"John McCain is always there for our troops," adds the announcer, before concluding with the campaign’s new slogan: “McCain, country first.”

The slogan’s inverse implication for his opponent was made clear earlier in the week, when McCain accused Obama of placing the his political ambitions before the national interest.

Well if he doesn't place his ambitions above the national interest, he conflates the two in his, and his devotees, belief that his is the only change we can believe in. The arrogance of the Obama team is stunning. They have accepted that Barack is destiny and nothing can derail that.

I believe that Obama feels patriotic and compared to his wife he is an America-lovin' machine. But deep in Barry's political heart (the only one he has) he knows Michelle is right and America's soul is broken and it needs the Obama to resurrect us. That view shows how little the Obamas feel good about America. It is a place Michelle could only be proud of when it began kowtowing to her hubby, the chosen one. It is a reactionary place where the knuckle-draggers on the right cling bitterly to their guns, God, and hatred of all non-whites. A place where his wife was barely able to get preferential treatment and admission to top law schools explicitly because of her blackness. A place where a complete lightweight could rise to a position he has no business chasing based on the simple fact that he is a cute little nerd, oh and I don't know if you knew but he's technically black.

Here is the thing that could actually take the Obama down, you see us middle/working class white folks hate being called racists.

First of all the vast majority are not racists and they did not make decisions based on race until Obama and his surrogates started prepping the battlefield with "If you don't vote Barry, you are not post-racial". What a tremendous load of shite. I disagree with Obama on virtually every substantive policy position he has (to the extent that he has any). I think he would cause tremendous damage to our security by pandering to and chit-chatting with folks like the Iranians while they are busy building bombs. I also believe that he would bring PC requirements to further allow black and Muslim shysters to continue pushing BS discrimination cases and turn our country into a collection of accepted victim groups and then of course the white male oppressors who must be punished for any failings by any group.

You can maybe guess how angry it makes me for a pampered puss like Barry to stand on stage and tell a group in Florida.

They’re going to try to make you afraid. They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black.

You sir can kiss my ass. You and your cronies are the ones who keep playing the race card and you need to to keep your base of guilty liberals feeling bad about things they didn't even do. FFS my grandparents got here after the Civil War and because of my melanin deficit Barry O and the benighted left feel they can get away with blanket indictments of racism. Bullshit!

This tactic which he used to pacify and solidify his base on the hater left will come back to haunt him now in the general election. Americans are rightly proud of the tremendous strides we have made and we are without a doubt the most-racially integrated country ever. If that is not fast or comprehensive enough for Mrs. Obama, then she and Barack can take their kids anywhere else on earth. Why don't they head out to Old Europe and see how far Obama would get in politics. None of the places he did his ring-kissing tour would have given him the time of day, and it's because he's black. Take a look at the numbers of black pols in France, Germany and England v. population (The French have only one in Parliament) and tell me Barry could even get a job.

So spare us your bogus accusations of racism Barack. I don't oppose you because you are black. I oppose you because you are wrong on every important issue and because you and yours keep insulting me and mine by calling us heinous names. Trust me, your wife hates white people way more than I even bother to think about black people as different.