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Something Different, But Good

Something different, in that it is not more politics. Something different from what I have been posting recently, for while those are very important and very overdue, sometimes something even more important comes along.

Today, I took my lunch break and used it to respond to a fax. This fax was from the United States Marine Corps, wanting me to provide my thoughts on a prospective candidate for joining the Corps and going to OCS. Said candidate is several years older than average, and will have to keep up with all the younger crowd if they are to be able to make it in, much less through. Said candidate not only has a basic degree and a bit more, they are walking away from medical school for this opportunity. Pity the Corps doesn't have a check box on the form to indicate that they would be *(*#$%@ nuts to let this one get away. Form was filled out, a letter written, and I even called to confirm receipt. If they make it, they will be someone you should meet...