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RIP "General Hammond"/Don S. Davis

We oft have cause to complain about the portrayal of the military in the drek that comes from Hollywood. Yet, for many years now there has been a very positive portrayal in one particular show, Stargate SG-1, and in particular through the character of General Hammond. The general showed some of the best qualities of a leader, including putting himself at risk (career or in the flesh) in order to look after his people and ensure no one was left behind. Indeed, there were those who felt that the character often showed more traits of an Army leader than an Air Force leader, and that should be no surprise as Don S. Davis, the actor making the portrayal, served in the Army ending his tour of duty a Captain. He used his own experience and views to modify a character intended as a typical two-dimensional character into something far more. He continued this in guest spots after health issues caused him to step down as a regular character. It is with regret, therefore, that I report that Capt. Davis has passed. His was a welcome change from the murderous pervert/by-the-book unintelligent martinet that seems to be all Hollywood knows of, or is willing to represent of, the military these days. From all accounts from those that met him, he was a warm, friendly, and talented man. Both he, and his portrayal, will be missed.