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What is the left scared of?

Re Egibbon (again)


>You Militaristic Twit:

Again with the name calling, do personal attacks against me really do any good?

>My questioning our military effort in Afghanistan and Iraq and my disputing your portrayal of our enemies’ motives is not the same as disgracing the memory of nine soldiers and their deaths.

Very true, but saying that their deaths are a waste is.

>I do concede some of your points: 1. You spent 20 months in Iraq. 2. You know a little bit. (But not very much.)

A wise man once said, "If you call yourself wise, not only are you a fool, you are a fool and a liar, if you call yourself a fool, there is a chance you might be wrong."

>By your account, 9 Americans died in a battle in Afghanistan, against men so ignorant, scared or bored that they lacked any understanding about why they were fighting Americans. Yet, those same men killed 9 of us at a sacrifice (for them) of over 100 of their friends.

Wasn't my account.  Your point is?

>Driven, you don’t have the slightest understanding of our enemy. Worse, you are not alone. Your ignorance is emblematic of our doomed military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You seem to know me very well.  Better than my mother even.  Have we meet?

>What do I know? That in big bureaucracies like the Army, effort regularly is confused with results. (“I have helped rebuilt villages, homes, schools, mosques and churches. I've supplied hundreds with food water and electricity.”)

What do you know?  Do I really get to venture a guess at the answer to that question?  Tell you what, I wont stoop to the level of personal attacks and name calling.  So, rebuilt villages, homes, schools, mosques and churches are efforts?  Forgive me if I call finished projects 'results'.

>Your construction efforts in Iraq, however commendable, haven’t made America safer or more secure.

Prove it.

>I am sorry about your brave friends. But saying that they died in vain is stating a hard truth that few on this blog site are willing to examine.

A hard truth?  All I see is your opinion.  We don't fight for political goals or agendas.  We fight for the guys to the left and right of us.  We fight because if we didn't someone else would have to.  Take away all other reasons for fighting than this, and it is enough.

>Its easy to get caught up in the rah, rah, of war. But if you really want to claim to have your buddy’s back, then you should be more than a mindless cheerleader for a misguided war effort.

You have been caught up in the rah, rah, of military bashing anti-war protesting.  And that is O.K.  That is your right.  Besides I don't cheerlead for this war.  I support my fellow soldiers, nothing more, nothing less.  If you have a problem with that... well that's your problem and not mine.  I would like to point out that I have not stayed on the sidelines of this war but have walked into it.  Waded through it.  Dove into it head first.  If anyone is a cheerleader, standing on the sidelines, it would be you.  Who ARE you cheering for anyway?

You seem hell bent on engaging me in a debate, but after two postings you have failed to bring any "facts" to the table.  All you throw at me are personal insults, assumptions and speculations.  If your goal is to goad me into reacting harshly, loosing my temper and posting something unprofessional you have and will continue to fail.  You have failed to examine any the "hard truths" you value so highly nor have you proven (or attempted to prove) any points.

You brought nothing to this fight.  You are unprepared and have been defeated twice.  I suggest you retire the field quietly.  That is the only honorable option left to you.  I pray you understand 'honor' and discontinue this exercise in childish bickering.

I claim victory.  I will not reply to any more of your nonsense.  You are now ignored as if you never posted in the first place.