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Pilots for 9/11 Truth

Time to shine a light in the corner of the "9/11 Truth Movement" and watch the cockroaches scurry.

The aviation part of this wacky "9/11 Truth" soup sandwich is a coterie of idiotic moonbats who call themselves "Pilots for 9/11 Truth".  Led by the head moonbat, a supposed former airline pilot named Rob Balsamo (below), this Rob_balsamob_4_220_jpg80 group of beyond-the-fringe whack-jobs claim the US government was behind the 9/11 aircraft attacks on the WTC and that the attacks on the Pentagon and the crash of United 93 in Shanksville never happened as advertised. In other words, they claim that explosives and/or fake aircraft or remote controlled aircraft were used or, in the case of the Pentagon, a "flyover" occurred vice actual aircraft impacts - you get the idea. Come up with the wackiest, most outlandish, most incredible scenario and it has been put forth and embraced by many of these fools.  They also claim moon-bases-on-the-dark-side-of-the-moon believers among their ranks. Great start, guys, when looking for credibility.

I know many of you here and over on the Instapinch have counseled me before - don't give them the publicity they are looking for; you are only encouraging them. I understand all that, but to be honest, when they go to the lengths they go to (albeit in their extremely small world) to malign and indict the military and civilians who were involved that day as co-conspirators in this most horrid of events, it does get my teeth grinding. Those aviators who did get airborne and those controllers who tried to make sense of that most challenging day in their lives, both professionally as well as personally, need to be examined in their true light - these men and women did one helluva job and they very well should be praised, not pilloried or accused of being conspirators in mass murder.

I don't want anyone thinking this is just some huge digital pissing contest I have with some crazies on the net. I just have some real problems with these people when I am accused, by association, of being part of some grand conspiracy to kill thousands of Americans and others on 9/11.

So, derision and embarrassment in the school of public humiliation of the best I can do.  This won't be an ongoing thing here at Blackfive. I'll save the rest of my plinking of these barreled fish over at the Instapinch's Moonbat category..

The basic thesis of these fools is that the official story of 9/11 is not what actually happened, hence the abused word "Truth" in their name. What they are slow to admit, though, is what they actually DO believe  - and that is the US government and military and civilian command structure and the media are all in cahoots and complicit in the planning and execution of the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Again, many won't come right out and state this, but it is indeed what they are about.Card186lf_2

What is their "proof"? What is their "evidence"? Convoluted and twisted circumlocution of cherry-picked witness statements that are then further gnarled and gerrymandered into a misshapen pretzel of lexicology that in no way, shape or form comes even remotely close to resembling the original intent. Out and out lying, as well, is in their kit bag. They'll throw together some slick, polished verbiage of aeronautical acronyms and many of those uneducated in the facts of aviation will fall for it.

Who are they? Their members are a veritable cornucopia of 9/11 moronic moonbattery - a "Who's Who in the Moonbat Zoo". This link talks about some of them. What scares me is that I might have flown in a civilian airliner they might have been at the controls of.

Tinfoilhatidiotd How jacked up on idiot juice are these people? One CLASSIC example of the quality of mind that makes up their members is one John Lear (left), son of the famous Lear jet designer. I would link to him, but there is so much of his absolute nonsense out there, you can find it yourself.  A typical exchange about him might go something like this:

Pilot for Truth Moron: And John Lear is part of our team!

Innocent Newbie: Wow, THE John Lear? He must know airplanes!

PfTM: He sure does! Son of THE Lear jet designer! Over 19,000 pilot hours! Flown over 100 different types of airplanes! Has had every certificate ever known to man (or the FAA) regarding aircraft!

IN: Wow! You guys sure have some high-caliber people on your team!

PfTM: We sure do!

IN: Well, if John Lear is part of your team, you guys MUST be right!

PfTM: We sure are!

IN: So, if John Lear says no airplanes hit the World Trade Center and that it was missiles and pre-set explosives that cause the damage and that holograms were used to fool the thousands of people that saw the airplanes impact and that airliners can't fly at 500 or even 400 knots and even an hyper-experienced pilot like himself could NEVER hit the WTC towers and that that there are mining structures on the dark side of the moon that are extracting helium from the inner core and that special moon rockets that take only an hour to travel the 250,000 miles to the moon have been launching from Antarctica for decades and that aliens told us not to return to the moon and the United States government has been in business with little gray extraterrestrials for about 20 years, I guess he IS a smart guy!

PfTM: Ummm...yeah!

You oughta hear what Lear's explanation is regarding why the Apollo program stopped at "17" when it did:

Right! We were told to stay away - we were given that edict by the aliens - they said, "You will NOT come back here - and ... i'm not sure exactly which particular Apollo series it was and we said, "Look! We've got all these Saturn 5's - it will be hard to keep that from the public," and they said "Okay! - one or two more and 'that's it!" Apollo 17 was the lsat (sic)one and the NASA excuse was , "We don't have any more funding and we can't do it and they have - still had 3 remaining Saturn 5's fueled and ready to go and they were 18, 19, and 20.

Yeah! *This* is the quality of mind that makes up the PfT herd.

What DO they believe? Well, depending on what part of the "Truth" movement you talk to: cruise missiles were used instead of airplanes; the airplanes were indeed airplanes but were remote-controlled; the airplanes fired a missile into the buildings a nanosecond before impact; the airplanes had special pods attached to their undercarriage; the airplanes had "forward spraying fuel sprayers" installed to help enhance the explosion of jet fuel; there were NO AIRPLANES AT ALL; it was a Global Hawk; it was an F-16; it was an A-3 Skywarrior; it was a painted-up KC-135 Tanker aircraft; it2267411982_5b46417e12 was a UAV; it was an Israeli UAV; it was done with holograms; there were missiles fired from the Woolworth Building in NYC; pre-set charges blew the holes in the WTC to LOOK like an airplane hit; the media (ALL the media) is in on the charade; the aircraft/missiles/whatever were invisible; the videos are all fake; the passengers never existed; the passengers existed but were loaded up onto another aircraft which was flown out over the Atlantic and was shot down; the passengers are living in exile somewhere; the steel melted; the steel didn't melt; the steel didn't melt or buckle, it was cut by thermite; it wasn't thermite, it was thermate; it was a bomb in a truck carried up in an elevator; controlled demolition is what brought the buildings down; a small nuclear bomb is what brought the towers down; lasers are what brought the towers down; a particle beam from low earth orbit is what brought the towers down; the plane flew OVER the Pentagon instead of hitting it; the plane used vectored thrust to avoid hitting the Pentagon; the plane avoided the Pentagon and flew over the south parking; subterranean howitzers popped up and fired at the Pentagon. Like I said earlier, come up with the most outlandish, wackiest idea and it's been thought of.

Their forums are all alike - Loose Change, Pentacon, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Architects for 9/11 Truth, Clear_propVeterinarians for 9/11 Truth, Proctologists for 9/11 Truth, Limo Drivers for 9/11 Truth, Truck Drivers for 9/11 Truth, whatever. They'll ban anyone in a heartbeat if you make any sort of counter-factual argument  and their reason will be "Debate in the discussion forum!" or "Discussion in the debate forum!" or "Saying stuff we don't like!". Debate is impossible with them. Facts to them are "government lies" and even personal experience is nothing more than "lies" coming from a "government shill". Anything - ANYTHING that does not conform to their warped view of things is a lie and if you do not conform to their warped view of things, you are a liar.

For all their Internet blustering, though, these clowns will never, ever take any of their claims to court because primarily they lack the power of their convictions to really think they could get anywhere with their claims. Plus, their data and claims would never, ever survive professional scrutiny. I've lost count of the number of breathless - BREATHLESS claims of "I have so much evidence I could take them to court right now!" or "This will blow the case wide open!" on certain elements of the 9/11 attacks, but when query "Why aren't you?" you get the standard responses  - either a spewing of an indignant "Who do you think you are?" or an immediate entry into the classic excuse matrix - "My dog died" or "My cat coughed up a hairball" or "I can't take the time" or "I have a day job" or "Nobody cares" or "I need to get a haircut".  They'll tell you they hold the key - the very answer - to the most heinous crime in recorded history yet won't do anything about it but sit on a web page and hurl baseless accusations at the military or civilians involved in this.

When you try to point out that, if they are as right they claim to be, this is the worst mass-murder at a single time in the history of the world and how can they POSSIBLY remain quiet, they remain unswayed. Bottom line of what they are doing? Its no more than a scam to sell cute little woman's cap sleeve baby-doll tee-shirts for that special little co-pilot in your life or to grab yourself a sporty ball cap, complete with the breathtaking "Pilots for 9/11 Truth!" logo handsomely emblazoned on it. Actually doing something would put what little bit of a cash-cow to bed. As Balsamo points out in a recent post of his lecturing someone who has a pilot buddy who wants to remain anonymous:

"Tell him to step up, or step off. His words mean nothing to anyone if he isnt willing to step up to the plate. Whats worse, is his words mean nothing to himself".

Advice that Balsamo himself doesn't seem to heed - preferring to hide behind a web page, scramming money from people for the aforementioned tee shirts and ball caps and shoddy DVDs produced in a basement garage somewhere. Instead of heading to the moonbat-friendly 9th District Court in San Fran to obtain an indictment for mass murder of every breathing human being in or vaguely associated with the US government, he is content to sit on his ass and rake in money. He is a charlatan, and his "group of pilots" are boneheaded morons.

I've been accused by these fools of being a "fraud" or a "teenager in my parent's basement", which would no doubt come as a big surprise to my parents.  All that is fine, as far as I'm concerned. I have absolutely no desire to earn neither their respect nor establish any level of credibility with them.

Like I said - cockroaches, with Balsamo being the biggest.

DenturesIn the big scheme of things, I'm really not worried about these idiots. Their world consists of a small, inner-breeding group of weak-minded morons who lack the ability to understand complex events in life, so they seek out an easier answer - one that won't tax their brains, and if they can toss in their favorite boogey-man (in this case the entire Bush administration), so much the better.

I know I've thrown around a fair number of pretty disparaging epithets in this post - morons, idiots, fools, whack-jobs - and that will turn many of you off. I'm sorry if that offends anyone, but there's something about a shoe and if it fits. Plus, they want exposure!  So the more exposure I can give them, the more people will realize what absolute dolts these people are.

I've spent most of my life either in the company of or working with the military and civilian men and women of this nation who dedicate their lives to her people and our freedom. I have absolutely zero tolerance for those fools like Rob Balsamo and his "gaggle of wankers" (as one Brit poster aptly named them) who exist merely to cast obscene accusations of despicable intentions. Balsamo, you are one SOB.