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Airborne Buddy Remembered

One of the comments on my last post asked if my quote had been aimed at the Obama camp.  Well in reply I must admit that it is not.  I deal with soldiers, I deal with hostiles and I deal with the civilians that get stuck between us.  I do not deal with politics.

Don't get me wrong, I follow the issues that affect me, my family and my team but I find the methods of politics disturbing and sometimes, dare I say, disgusting.  First, let me back up a bit.  I have several friends how are politicians and I cherish them greatly.  I have nothing against the ladies and gentlemen who give me my marching orders and sign my pay checks.  Its just the political arena is not my lane and I do not write about it.

*Change of Subject*

When I was a private fresh out of airborne school, I arrived at my unit and was assigned a "airborne buddy".  This soldier is always an experienced lower enlisted man who adopts a new soldier to make sure they are squared away and are protected.  Last week my old buddy who adopted me when I was just a young'un was killed in Afghanistan.  I ask that you all remember his family and friends during this trying time.