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Obama wrong from the start on Iraq

Let's put an end to the march Obama and his handlers are attempting to steal about leaving Iraq. They would love to ignore all of his statements opposing the surge and saying it would make things worse, they even scrubbed them from his website and tossed them under his bus.

It makes absolutely no difference that Maliki or any other Iraqi says we could have combat troops out of the country in 2010, Obama was wrong before and this doesn't make him any righter. NRO compared it to two doctors, one who prescribes medicine and one who says a patient doesn't need them and isn't worth saving. The medicine works, the patient gets better and now doesn't need medicine and the second doctor then saying "See, he doesn't need medicine, I was right".

You can expect to here about how Obama's cunning plan is now exactly what Iraq needs and the press to completely ignore how wrong he has been all along. I would love to hear someone ask him just what he based his opposition to the Iraq war on back in 2002. He takes all kinds of credit for being right about Iraq from the start. Sorry Barry, what you have been is wrong from jump street. Who did you discuss Iraqi WMDs with? Who told you Saddam didn't have them anymore? Why would you ignore the professional advice of the people this country pays to figure out what's going on in the world? whose advice did you take instead when making your decision that Saddam wasn't a threat? Was it your 60's terrorist friends in Chicago?  Are you going to use your intuition over the judgment of professional in other areas? Will you ignore the military leaders if your Spidey sense detects something else?

The idea that he should gain any credibility for ignoring the opinions of those responsible and substituting his own is silly. He was wrong to say we should ignore Saddam's refusal to comply with the UN resolutions forcing him to show he had dismantled his programs. It doesn't matter at all whether Saddam did or didn't have any WMD. He was acting like he did and we did what was needed. We can't let any tyrant stand there with his hands behind his back claiming he threw away the gun we know he had before.

Obama has not had any good ideas about the war in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else. He threatened to invade Pakistan, run away from Iraq and redouble efforts to capture and not martyr the already-dead bin Laden. Now there is a resume for an aspiring Commander in Chief.