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NPR: Was the Surge Successful?

I like NPR.  They are one of the very few media outlets that have treated me extremely fairly.

But here, in this NPR interview with General (retired) Jack Keane, you can hear the bias of host Alex Chadwick, and the surprise in the response of GEN (ret) Keane - one of the architects of the Surge.  I think it's important to hear both Alex Chadwick and Jack Keane discuss the events around the Surge.

To me, this is an indication of the level of effort being made to spin away the Surge as not successful or due to the the planning and efforts of our active military and people like GEN (ret) Keane and David Kilcullen.

It is horribly false for anyone to claim that the Surge is not a success.  Make no mistake, there's a long way to go, but some people on the left seemed determined to throw our progress away.