Happy Birthday A-Dub!

More manufactured Obama outrage

Obamanewyorkerbig Since the narrative they have created involves racist racism from the neanderthal right, the New Yorker feels free to create it in the absence of the authentic article. The funny thing is that all the themes they focus on are either created by Obama's Democrat opponents or are representations of the people he has chosen to associate himself with. Which part of this reflects badly on the right or McCain? Obama has grown from the seeds of domestic terror, flag stomping, God Damn America and if that causes him problems now, well good. It is not racism that causes thinking people to oppose the Obama, it is an aversion to the kool-aid.

The vision that is coming into focus shows an Obama who is comfortable and even complicit in the creation of his cult of personality. He is willing to do or say whatever it takes to gain his ordained position and then when he is enthroned, the evil will be swayed and renounce their perfidy. HA! But he believes it and so do far too many others. Obama's supporters believe America is sick and they can heal her. I don't think we need that kind of faith healing.