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Is Obama wearing a KIA bracelet?

Double UPDATE: I'm throwing a BS flag on myself for this one. I spent a fair amount of time looking for photos of Barry and I found pics pre-dating his current military difficulties where he had the bracelet on. I called him out for doing it to cover his ass for the troop dissings. That does not seem to be the case, but I also saw that he seems to trot it out around military and national security events. That is lame but not the offense I threw the initial flag on. SO, I am sorry I accused you of pandering on this issue Senator.

UPDATE: Yes he is, and reader Akinoluna points out a mother gave it to him during the primaries. If he has been wearing it consistently since then, I apologize. If he just pulled it out again now when he is catching crap, I retract my apology and he can bite me.

Kev called me today up in arms because he saw what looks like a KIA bracelet on Barry O's right wrist. Given his disdain of flag pins and eventual caving on the issue, it doesn't seem impossible that he has put one on. He caught a wave of deserved disgust when he wouldn't visit the troops without his handlers and needs to pander hard to convince people he respects the troops. I doubt he will make any headway with the troops, but he needs the press to tell everyone he really does support them. I mean aside from all that "Busting his ass to lose the Iraq war" stuff right. Here are a couple of screencaps showing the bracelet. It does have the right size and color, but the left has plenty of bracelety causes and it could be a "trans-gendered, vegan, tree-sitters" support bracelet. What do y'all think? The video of Barry sleeves up and gesticulating is here.