When doesn't the media cheat?
Interview w/ LTC Rich Morales 1-35 Armor


I'm down here at NAS Oceana for a week of navy duty and parked myself out by the approach end of runway 23 for some in-the-groove shots of the F-18 Hornet.  As I said over on the Instapinch (more pics there), at the expense of mixing metaphors, the Hornet is the Navy's aviation horse these days and we gots to ride her, and if you have a camera and want to get pics of navy tactical jets, the Hornet is it.  I know variety may be the spice of life and that doesn't necessarily translate into a practical naval aviation force, but I spent an hour and half out there shooting about 300 pics (gotta love digital) and ended up with about 298 images of....Hornets.


I left the zoom (70-300) cranked in all the way for a few shots, and the detail is pretty neat.


And for the Tomcat aficionados out there, the very LAST LAST LAST Tomcat at Oceana is being prepped for an overland journey to the Tobyhanna Army Depot in Pennsylvania as a static display.  To get it on the trailer and to fit under all the overpasses and such for its 375-mile trip north on I-95, the various piece-parts had to be taken off - nosecone, wings, vertical stabs, horizontal stabs, etc.:


Mebbe when it gets close to DC we can all get behind it and pretend its a parade?  Just an idea.... ;)