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Re Egibbon (again)

Defending Obama, Seriously.

I'm pretty sure my Obama-opposing credentials are solid, but I have to cover him for one supposed misstep.

Barry is being bashed for skipping a stop at Landstuhl to visit wounded troops. His reason was that his campaign was paying for the Germany trip and it would be inappropriate to use wounded warriors for a campaign stop. Guess what? He was right. He wasted tax-payer money to pose in A-stan etc, but he can't claim we are warring in Germany so his campaign had to pick up the tab.

I will continue to knee the Obama in the neck for his many transgressions; this wasn't one of them.


But he wasn't campaigning in Germany. His campaign staffers said so. He said so, too.

That wasn't a campaign speech in Berlin; it was an address by a private American citizen and a citizen of the world.

Since he wasn't campaigning, he should've visited the troops, especially since he was for visiting the troops before he was against it.


You are confusing the lies that came out of his cakehole with reality. He will never speak truth, but I and many would have hammered him for making us pay for a campaign stop and especially for using the troops as a backdrop.

He is a swine, but not evidenced here.


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