Obama Reaps the Whirlwind
When doesn't the media cheat?

By the end of the day......


It's not bad when its 113 degrees. Its hot, ya and the salt from the pores of your skin stain your clothes as you continue to become dehydrated. But that's one of the acceptable factors here. Just like sharing a head (toilet) with a couple hundred Marines, except it and get over it. You have an issue with toilet paper being on the ground of a port-a-john and not so clean, you don't like sharing the "shower" almost as fast as a revolving door, you have never had to burn poop? You put those "discomforts" on the side because whining about them here will only get you an ass chewing. "Its hot"…No kidding Captain Obvious…..Go ahead and take you mind off the enemy and let the heat, cramped quarters, long days or any other discomfort beat your focus, that's precisely when the enemy will reach up and smack you in the face. Suck it up cup cake, its gonna be a long ride, even longer if you aren't mentally tuff. By the end of the day, you'll get over it.

The enemy here is like the "Wack -A-Mole" game at a carnival. They pop up here and you smack em, they pop up over there and you hammer them harder, sometimes you miss, but even if you nick them it hurts them because you bring a big punch.  Today we have the sandstorm and high temps…………bonus. Usually you get the sandstorms and it cools off as the sun is blocked out, not today, no, today we get the a-la carte today.  You'll get over it.
Operations here are continuous (notice I don't talk about operation details? Notice I don't like to violate Op Sec and let the scumbags get one inch on us? That's why. We'll have a beer and I'll bore ya to death with this and with that as the ladies sitting with us remain only out of politeness.) Operations are continuous and trust me you can be proud to be an American as your Marines kick butt!
We travel and cover a lot of ground, especially lately as we have what's left of a sparse enemy trapped. Long days in the austere desert conditions, builds bonds between brothers. You sitting there going what is this talking about, I know. But, go get a few dozen of your closest friends, move to the desert and have a common goal to help rebuild a nation at the same time be ready to kill the enemy at the drop of the hat. That builds a bond. While your doing that for umm lets say a year, you can also deal with the "other" things that get thrown in your face like missed birthdays, divorces, 1st born learning to walk and events back home that continue to happen, without you there. That builds a bond between brothers. By the end of the day, you'll get over it.
Your favorite MRE has already been taken, your pack has sand fleas in it and no matter how still you remain at night in your sleeping bag you can still feel the little bugs crawling on you and you try to swap them. I do have to say I get a chuckle  the first time some one jumps out of their sleeping bag because they felt a critter on them. The third and fourth time you just ask, was it bigger than your fist, meaning was whatever was crawling on them bigger than your fist, otherwise you don't worry about it, by the end of the day, you'll get over it.
You didn't get to send a letter to your family, you didn't catch the scumbags you wanted, you smell like the monkey cage in the zoo but you know you did good if you don't know it, by the end of the day, you'll get over it.
(Photo is of the Euphrates river at sundown as yet another sandstorm resides)www.onemarinesview.com