10 Downing Dork
Whoa!!! Welcome to the parade AP

Anybody need a serious flight medic?

When people who can keep you alive want to help. we should let 'em.

I love my job, but give me half the chance (or less) I would head to Afghanistan. I would happily give up my CPT tracks to, once again, be part of a MEDEVAC unit as a flight medic. YES, UNCLE SUGAR, that means I would volunteer....

I’ve recently decided to stay in the Army for at least another 10 years. Now, I just need to find a job in my beloved Army where I will be the most useful.

Anyone have a slot for an flight nurse-paramedic/emergency room nurse practitioner? Unfortunately I don’t think that MOS is on anyone’s TO&E. (translation: that job description doesn’t exist in the Army)

Actually, I know there has got to be someone reading this from Blackfive that has connections . . . yes, this is an absolutely shameless plug.

My CV is here.

email: [email protected]