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Wolves, Sheep & ?

Most of us know the answer to that question is Sheepdogs. Some though didn't and failed a life challenge in the worst way. This is the crappiest planet I have ever lived on, bar none. The savagery of man toward man dwarfs any nobility the species exhibits. Oppressors are everywhere and all have a responsibility to stand against them. Here is a tale of the Sheepdog anti-thesis, the .... I can't even say it, just hate them with me. It lays after the jump because I call them many names that will induce "I declares". Don't go and declame declaredness. Man that was fun to write. I'm just sayin' it's mean and profane.

The town of Turlock and much of the rest of the nation was shocked when a 27-year-old man beat and stomped his 2-year-old son to death on a rural road. But what was nearly as stunning for many people was that none of the motorists and their passengers who stopped and saw the attack tried to tackle the man.

Police officers and psychologists familiar with violent emergencies, however, said they weren't surprised at all.

I'm not either, but I am disgusted.

A volunteer firefighter and at least five others saw Sergio Casian Aguiar assaulting his son Saturday night on the road west of Turlock (Stanislaus County), but it wasn't until a police officer arrived in a helicopter that the attack finally ended.

At least 4 "men" refused to do their duty as men and as citizens and watched a predator stomp his two year old son to death. In society there are sheep, wolves and sheepdogs, these folks were not even sheep, they were pussies and I mean that in the 4th grade school boy taunt way that calls you a gutless loser. F**k all of you who didn't act! If he was waving a gun around you have an excuse to call 911 and duck. He didn't and all of you failed your jobs as men and women in our civilization.

The militia discussed in the Constitution envisioned all able-bodied males as it's composition. That makes sense as that was the compact that formed civilization, shared defense against common enemies and shared effort for our own survival.

Another founding principle of civil society is the idea of Sheriff. Sheriffing and Deputizing are fundamental factors in creating a civil society. All those capable of controlling chaos and atropy were felt to have an obligation to do so. So all men were deputies tasked with controlling that within their control. If no state authorities were about they are expected to act.

These men failed and they owe for their cowardice.

"I would not condemn these people," said John Darley, a professor of psychology and public affairs at Princeton University who has studied how bystanders react in emergency situations. "Ordinary people aren't going to tackle a psychotic.

"What we have here," Darley said, "is a group of family and friends who are not pre-organized to deal with this stuff. They don't know who should do what. ... If you had five volunteer firefighters pull up, you would expect them to have planned responses and a division of labor. But that's not what we had here."

OK it's not their job to stop crazy people from stomping infants to death, good reason to sit this one out. I will condemn them, and they don't even defend themselves.

One of the witnesses, Deborah McKain of nearby Crows Landing, said she was the first to pull up to the beating scene with her boyfriend, a volunteer fire chief who is 52, as well as her 20-year-old son, her son's wife and her son's male friend. They called 911 at 10:13 p.m., police said.

3 adult males and one adult female v. one crazy bastard stomping a child to death. I'm going out on a limb, I think you make him stop. Nope not these pussies.

Over the next seven minutes, McKain said, Aguiar kicked his son at least 100 times as he calmly stated that he needed to "get the demons out" of the boy.

"It was like I was on some type of drug or something," McKain recalled Tuesday. "I couldn't believe what was going on. It was like a dream."

She said her boyfriend, Dan Robinson, forcefully argued with Aguiar in an effort to get him to stop, but that he would not. At one point, another woman, 23-year-old Lisa Mota, pulled up in her car, but stayed inside.

"We were looking for rocks or boards on the ground, just to knock him out, get him under control. But we couldn't find anything," McKain said. "We didn't know if he had a knife or any kind of weapon on him."

And none of you gutless weasels even took a single blow to defend a baby. Once again F**k you! Don't expect to live in my city and possum a ride on the back of your betters. You are beneath contempt and I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. You have ostracized yourselves from decent society.

People who are second-guessing her and her family can "never know until they're in that situation," McKain said. "We would have loved to knock his head off, too, but we had nothing to knock it off with."

Four of you f**ks and you are right you had nothing.

Deputy Royjindar Singh, a spokesman for the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department, acknowledged there was some "Monday morning quarterbacking" taking place, but said his agency had no problem with the actions of the witnesses.
'Everybody acts differently'

"Your headlights are shining on a person taking the life out of an infant, and not just shaking and slapping but punching and kicking," Singh said. "Everybody reacts differently."

WTF? Anyone able, who doesn't rush to the aid of an infant being killed can burn in hell as far as I am concerned. Pussies!