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Visting the Rat - 2008

Yes, I'm in lovely Orlando with my family visiting the Mouse. 

Here's a picture of Little Blackfive at the Jedi Training Academy (test here) taking on Darth Vader in front of a few hundred people.  He had to face his fears before becoming a true Padawan.  He wasn't sure he was gonna do it, then decided to go for it.  This was how I spent my father's day.

From my Blackberry:

Little Blackfive takes on Dick Cheney...I kid, I kid...

It was a righteous beat down.  I've got the whole thing on video and may post a YouTube of it.  The Jedi Master told Little Blackfive about the look he was throwing Vader's way... "That's a fighting face alright..." 

And here's both of my kids before Mickey's Philharmonic, yes you ladies will remark that Pinkfive is growing up fast as her birth was announced here a few years ago...

Little Blackfive and Pinkfive

Going to Cape Canaveral (Kennedy Space Center) tomorrow.  They've seen the imaginary space stuff.  Now, I want them to see the REAL thing...