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Sen. Webb's historical failings

H/T Ledeen NRO Jim Webb was preening for the Veep role last night on Jon Stewart's show. Webb has always seemed to me to be the moderately likable loudmouth who gets a few beers in him at the neighborhood picnic and starts telling everyone what he really thinks of them. Educated, mildly cultured but a boor at heart. Both he and Stewart bandied about the lie that John McCain wants to fight in Iraq for 100 years and that is getting a little stale. Steve Schwartz pummels Webb for his lack of historical perspective.

Last Thursday, Webb assailed Republican Sen. John McCain for comments on the Today Show, namely, McCain's declaration that “What’s important is the casualties in Iraq. . . . Americans are in South Korea, Americans are in Japan, American troops are in Germany. That’s all fine.”

Webb told the Washington Post, “It’s pretty clear their intentions are that we put in a basing system in Iraq that parallels the Korea-Japan history. . . . The difference is, Iraq is not Korea or Japan. . . . The history of every single outside occupation of Iraq over the last thousand years argues against that logic.”

To suggest that a foreign presence in Iraq is more difficult to establish than such a presence in Japan shows breathtaking historical illiteracy. Baghdad was ruled by Persians and by the Seljuq Turks beginning in the 10th century, then fell to the Mongols in 1258—the latter is considered the most traumatic event in Arab history and was believed by Muslims of the time to be the end of the world

Webb would be a good gap-filler for Obama, being an angry white gun owner type, but I think he would end up a liability with his pro-Confederacy bent, and a tendency to flap his gums.