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Palin! Palin! Palin! -McCain's Veep rises up.

Palin_sarah H/T Allah

Obama has far too many advantages for McCain to use the conventional Republican wisdom. He cannot pick another old, or even young, white man as VP and win in my opinion. But he has a tremendous opportunity to use the Dem's PC "the time is now" against them. All of Hillary's supporters believed the time for the estrogen half had come; adding a female to his ticket helps John McCain in so many ways he would be a fool to pass it up. I know Obama would love to have a female Veep but he has to add a man that Americans believe might actually kick someone's ass (we know Barry wouldn't). The best choice for John Mccain is the conservative Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. She has solid credentials on most of the issues Maverick is sideways with the base on and she leads with a head kick thusly.

In a letter addressed to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and key members of Congress, Governor Palin stressed the need to enact an energy policy that includes oil and gas production from domestic sources, since failure to enact a sound energy policy is having real-life consequences. The Governor reminded members of Congress that the footprint of development would be less than 2,000 acres. She also assured members that any development would be conducted in a responsible and environmentally safe manner.

I believe the letter read something like this:

Dear Thin-Lipped, Milquetoast, Cream-in-the-coffee, Cadaver,

If you and your compatriots are going to demagogue about gas prices and attempt to blame this on Republicans, then explain why you won't let us harvest our own oil.

She has a way with words that reminds me of me.