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OMV Letters From Home....Support YOUR Marines!!


What would you say to the warrior in the picture above if you could chat with him? You might say "Thanks for protecting us", or "We support you", if you were somewhere in passing. But what if you were sitting down, sharing your feelings over dinner? Then what would you say to him? Think about it, because you now have that opportunity.

We have a large group of Marines currently located in a remote area of Iraq.  Mail might arrive once a week if the fates are with them, and water is obtained from a well on site. These are your Marines, living on the edge of the empire, alone and determined to succeed.  They don't live in Fallujah, they don't have a PX or a store.  They operate with the bare bones and a can do attitude.  Adapt and overcome are the pillars of their structure, while rebuilding in an insurgent filled area.  Police stations are built and governed by Lt's, and life and death decisions are made by 20 something year olds.

They sleep in WWII era wooden huts and sleeping bags, as the constant blowing dirt finds its way into everything they own.  They cherish the basic things most take for granted in the states. Operating flawlessly in the 100+ weather is not the exception, it's the expected. They are a tight group that redefines the phrase, "No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy". 

While deployed, I've heard about others who have asked you, our awesome supporters, to step up to the plate. You've been asked to help keep morale high and to show your men how much you appreciate them.  And you have!  Well, I'm asking again.  Through numerous blogs "Letters From Home", can send your warriors in Iraq an email to show them how much you care. You may have sent a letter in the past where one or two servicemen got to read it.   This time, sending in an email will give OMV the right to publish it in any format, thereby allowing me to publicly post them all.  This way many will benefit from your support, instead of just a couple.  Please take just a few minutes to let your Marines know how proud you are of their outstanding service, and incredible spirit.

Your servicemembers are making a difference regardless of the small amount of press showing their great achievements. YOU know they are doing great, make a difference yourself and email them your thoughts at [email protected] !

One Team One Fight-Maj Pain

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