Osprey Night

Obama's negotiating partners


Here is some honest talk about the Iranian's intentions and tactics and it comes right from the Iranians. Obama's vaunted judgment would play directly into their plans and this shows again that he is a complete muppet when it comes to foreign policy.

The solution is to prove to the entire world that we want the power plants for electricity. Afterwards, we can proceed with other activities... The peak of our goal is an honorable life for the people. Do we want to become another North Korea…?

    There are only two ways of coming through the current crisis. One is what Khatami did by winning the election of 1997, and the other what [he did] after September 11th, which both guarded the country against war. Today, the solution is to marginalize the Ahmadinejad government from political decision-making in the nuclear energy field, with decisions be taken elsewhere.

    As long as we were not subjected to sanctions, and during our negotiations we could import technology. We should have negotiated for so long, and benefited from the atmosphere of negotiations to the extent that we could import all the technology needed. The adversary wanted the negotiations to come to a dead end and initiate a new phase. But we wanted to continue negotiations until the U.S. would be gone from the circle of negotiations. We had one overt policy, which was one of negotiation and confidence building, and a covert policy, which was continuation of the activities...

It is rare that the naked ambitions of a regime like Iran are discussed so honestly, but it shows clearly the dangers of an Obama Presidency. Think of 4 or 8 years where the Iranians, North Koreans, and any other number of bad actors know they can do whatever they want as long as they have Barry O over for tea. The world loved us when Bill Clinton was in charge because they knew he and Madeline Allbright were no threat to their bad intentions. He made an appeasomatic deal with Lil' Kim and the Norks were violating it before the wheels on our plane were up.

Diplomacy is simply formalized lying in formal wear without the threat of violence accompanying it. I don't think a single world leader contemplating an Obama Presidency thinks he would use military force against them. That is a huge and in my mind insurmountable barrier that should preclude him from being President. Let's hope the rest of America gets over it's school girl crush and realizes that a lightweight is the wrong weight class to represent the United States of America.