A Gitmo Naval Regatta - Cardboard Style
Sleeping at Shula

Meeting the Blaskowskis

We made it safe and semi-sane after picking up the TankerBabe at Midway. We crawled through Indiana  and then entered Michigan, a state completely lacking in any signs detailing what towns might be coming up  or how many miles away they might be. Somehow we eventually hit Ann Arbor where we met up with Terry and Cheryl Blaskowski parents of Matt who we all now know(detail bike pics here). They also had with them the most amazing motorcycle I have ever seen, War Torn painted by Raven Graphics. Since I am one of very few people who have seen the bike up close, assembled and gleaming I will state that all the superlatives so far don't do it justice. It is a beautiful piece of art on it's own, but it exceeds my ability to describe how it memorializes his life, service and sacrifice and Terry and Cheryl get to enjoy having Matt along for their rides together.


We spent the night before the show socializing like pros and telling many, many stories. The Blaskowskis are tremendous folks and we had a blast with them and hearing many stories about Matt. That is the whole point of the SYSK series to meet with the people who knew and loved our heroes and to make sure the stories of their lives don't just focus on their deaths. They lived wonderful, powerful lives and we want those tales to told.

The TankerBabe had Kev ridin' female dog and doing quite a few tricks.