Swine to question President's ex Official Liar
Michael Moore's Freedom Fighters?.... Right!

John McCain does a very smart thing

He has quite a few things that drive me nuts, but he's the Maverick and you gets what you came for. His exquisitely wise move was hiring Michael Goldfarb as his blogger and he is a wicked writer. Today the always lame F. John Kerry sticks his enormous angular melon into the crosshairs and Goldfarb takes him out.

                                            Among the accusations he leveled this morning, Senator Kerry said Senator McCain "confuses the history going back to 682 of what has happened to Sunni and Shia." Now, we at the McCain Report have been receiving a great number of panicked emails from supporters all morning, deeply troubled by Senator Kerry's suggestion that Senator McCain is anything less than totally familiar with the finer points of 7th century Islamic history. And frankly, we were worried too, at first. After all, we know that -- more than keeping America safe from its enemies abroad, more than getting our economy back on track, more than breaking through the partisan gridlock that is preventing Washington from solving the problems we as a nation face -- Americans want, nay demand, that their next Commander in Chief is intimately familiar with the "history going back to 682 of what has happened to the Sunni and Shia."