COB6 - From Blackfive to Executive Branch
Bellavia crushes Soltz- "4 months in the motor pool"

Leadership - If You Can Fill The Unforgiving Minute.....

I'm not big on listening to newspaper editors or reporters about what General is the smartest, who likes whom, or what success is in a war (after all, who died and made them CENTCOM?), but this is a fine piece of work, full of facts, real quotes, and clearer about the agendas of people who disagree with a clearly successful endeavor than most.

The Man in the story is a Leader among Men. I am struck by his refusal to discuss why his Bible is marked with post-its and what passages they mark as important, by his generosity of spirit in advancing the career of the Man who shot him, by his superior physical prowess and example to his officers through running them into the ground to keep up with him, and in his steely determination to see a complex and difficult enterpise through to the end, no matter how much sleep he loses, or how difficult the odds against him. And those odds are leveraged by the enemies of America to make the load deeper, harder, and extremely more difficult for the Men and Women serving this General in Iraq.

Read the whole thing.

Not a damn thing any of us can do to provide relief to him in his Duty except pray for his continued safe existence and Leadership, and let him know we are with him. Every day.

Press on, General. You may not see a light at the end of the tunnel, but we do as long as you are on the job. If you can fill the unforgiving minute, with sixty seconds worth of distance run........

Kipling puts more wisdom on one page than most Men can learn in a lifetime.