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If You Happen To Be In Denver Over The Fourth of July


Then you are cordially invited to join us in Thornton for what WILL BE the seminal event in Colorado over the 4th.

Weblogom I was asked to join the Thornton Veterans Memorial Committee a couple of months back, which is a committee of local citizens building a memorial to veterans here in our area.  As a fund raiser, we are bringing in the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall over the 4th of July weekend.  As Jimbo has stated previously, he and several others will be here over the weekend to meet, greet, and talk with vets of all kinds, and work on various projects in the hopper.  I'm further extending the offer, and providing a few details of the weekend to come.  It WILL BE worth a trip to Denver (and heck, who doesn't want to drive thru the mountains in the summer?)

The wall will be here and on display from July 3d thru the 6th in Thornton, CO.  After the jump, all the juicy details (that I know for now) as well as links to the location of the event.

I'll have much, much more up about the memorial that's being built soon- and wow, WHAT a fantastic project.

The schedule, as it stands, is as follows (and you can always go to the links above to check for changes that I've not noted):

July 2d- Wall arrives in Thornton- no events

July 3d- Cycle escort (thousands, possibly, depending on weather) of Wall to field siteWill begin ride at 120th and Washington St. in Thornton, CO if you want to Google map it.  May be led by an OCC chopper built for the military.  Escorts include Patriot Guard Riders, American Legion Riders and many others.  Ride should start about 8am that morning.

There is a dinner that evening, entitled ''In The Shadow Of Heroes''   that begins at 1830 (6:30pm) at the Wall location.  We are still looking for sponsors of tables for veterans- we have some young vets that we'd like to get seated.  Donations may be made at the link.

July 4th- full schedule of events-   Morning opening ceremony.  See Events Link for the details of this day.  We are trying to finalize having the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team there.

There will be Taps and Fireworks that night.  Thornton always has a very good 4th display.

July 5th-  Full day viewing. Flag retirement ceremony performed (Boy Scouts too)

July 6th- Closing ceremony in evening.

July 7th- Wall taken down

The Wall will be OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY while it is here- you are invited to view and experience the wall at any time during the weekend.  Jimbo, I, and others will be there during various times, and we'd LOVE a chance to catch up.  Having the chance to show support for fellow veterans and meet so many of them has us completely STOKED about the weekend.  A lot to do, and a lot to see.  C'mon out!

More details as they get firmed up!