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Warning: The Wolf Shall Come Out of the North

Fearless - RCT 1 Marines Videos

Below are four parts in a series about the RCT 1 Marines of 3rd Battalion, 6th Regiment and the 2nd Engineer Battalion in Fallujah, Iraq.  Grab a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes watching what our Marines are doing in Iraq.  It's worth your time to see the kind of work that they are doing right now to secure the peace and to see the caliber of men of RCT 1 - especially Sergeants Dennis Derr, Michael Ribar, and Edward Mitchell.  They'll make you proud(er).

Part One, below, is about protecting the area around Fallujah.  Pay close attention to the Sergeants remarks about why it's important to constantly patrol for IEDs and illegal activity.

In this part, Marines search a vehicle because it was parked near an Iraqi Police Checkpoint that had been left unmanned.  So, chances were good that it could have been an VBIED.  The Marines searched the vehicle...

Part three continues the story of the engineers clearing away brush.  You'll also see the kind of things a weapons squad Sergeant has to deal with, including Iraqis deciding to sit down in the middle of the road and play dominoes.

Part four, wraps up the engineer work and you see a Sergeant explain why someone would set up a fake IED for the Marines to encounter...

You can find more stories and videos like this one on RCT 1's blog here. My favorite recent story is about the empty beds in Fallujah surgical...