Gitmo Blues
A President's D-Day prayer

Democrats Supporting the Troops Again

June 6th is clearly a day of pride for the American military.  Today, you'll read many articles (rightly so) recalling the heroism of allied forces as they pushed into Europe on June 6, 1944.

Seems like a good time for our nation's leaders to demonstrate their resolve in supporting American men and women who are today fighting an enemy equally as evil.  That's what you would expect.

So, on the anniversary of D-Day, the country is engaged in fighting a ruthless enemy on multiple fronts; a burden that incidentally is being carried in large part by the Special Operations community and what do Democrats in congress do for the war effort on this sacred day?

They put secret holds on promotions for General Officers for purely political posturing.

The first hold on two key military promotions was imposed by a Democrat last month.  It blocked, among others, Army Lt. Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal to be director of the Joint Staff once the Senate confirms his fourth star.  Gen. McChrystal will depart as commander of the Joint Special Operations Command, which is on the frint line of the war on terrorism.

Also on hold is Navy Rear Adm. William H. McRaven, head of Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR), who is slated to replace Gen. McChrystal.

IMHO leaving the helm of the Joint Special Operations Command unmanned, in a time of war, for political posturing is nothing short of treason.  If this isn't providing aid to enemy, what the hell is it!?