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Dead Tangos- The Totally Unrated DVD

I believe it is a well established fact that I really love dead tangos. Some of you have even seen the seriously-wicked stuff that I can't even post online. Well now I have them set to a couple of deadly tunes by American Hitmen and available for purchase and enjoying of the dead tango dance. They cost $20 and $5 off the top goes to our charities fund, then we throw the band some ducats and the rest  goes to gas and fast food for me and Kev as we gallivant around the country, starting Thursday in Brooklyn, MI. We will be picking up the TankerBabe in Chicago and driving to the pre-NASCAR race festival and meeting up with the parents of SYSK Matt Blaskowski. We will get to see the amazing bike that memorializes his service and do a fundraiser for his unit's coming home party. Click the pic for a very short look at the video. The DVD has two 4 minute plus DT vids as well as the Little Bird Infil, some UAV footage and some other B5 TV hits.



Here is the link for buying the DVD. And here is a link to the Blackfive Gear page where T-shirts are and soon hats will be available