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Carlin was my kind of American

One of the funniest people in America died. Of course I loved George Carlin, he was the first comedian I got. And even though I shared little political ground with him, I do share his complete and utter mistrust of our government and more so our politicians. He hated them for all the right reasons.

More than anything I share his determination to offend the offendable. Too many people run around this planet convinced they have some right to not be offended. WRONG! My right to offend is near universal and it cannot be abridged by the thin skins of any interest group, even if their interest is god. Carlin was the high priest of the cult of the offenders and none escaped his blistering wit. His best work was skewering the sheep-like nature of man and the hilarity of American culture. His most famous bit includes deliberate offense and social commentary in the Seven Words you can't say on TV, but I think his comparison of baseball and football is the best example of his brilliance.

The comments will have all swear word euphemisms banished for this post in honor of someone who may hold the record for making me laugh the most times. To start things off I will christen the first post with the 7 words you normally can't read on this blog.

Update from Blackfive:  Sorry to be busting in on Jimbo's post.  George Carlin was also in the USAF in Viet Nam.  He was a radio DJ in the same manner as Good Morning Viet Nam.  Although Carlin was not down with the military discipline (he was busted two or three times before being thrown out with a General Discharge).  Carlin was one of my favorite comedians too, just thought you should know that he was a vet.