Night Jump
Marine Jailed For Refusing to Testify Against Squad Leader

Behind Enemy Lines

This is a Kev shot (the hatred of CAPS and the rest are all part of the subtle perfection)

Hey folks let me tell you a little about living behind enemy lines in the madcity. The stink of the crazy ass left is quite nauseating. First you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting something that is not messiah related. He can do wrong here, he is superman, martin luther king and che all wrapped into one convoluted pipedream. Makes me sick. Second, anything that is the actual truth is completely disregarded. Anything that has to with military is wrong so much so that they try to make you feel guilty about serving the greatest nation on this planet. If you have been deployed one automatically assumes that you hate the government. No one takes accountability for their actions. It blows their pea size brains when I tell them that I support our actions, that it is a good mission. Of course then they say that I’m brain washed and being used to fight for oil, quite disgusting. I chose to go in 2004 and I chose again to leave for Iraq in 2009. (there wasn’t a gun to my head) My only wish is that they quit trying to diminish my actions, they really, really suck. On to my point, this kid was wearing a save Darfur t-shirt so I asked him “How are we supposed to accomplish the mission in Darfur.” He said we had to send peace keepers. I asked him if he supported the war on terror. He said no. He went on trying to explain to me that having troops in Iraq is illegal. I reminded him that Saddam was a horrible person and that we have given the people of Iraq a chance to create a government that will take care of its people. I said I would have no problem fighting in Darfur as long as we were able to finish the mission without the left collapsing  into their normal cut and run mentality 6 months into the mission. Of course the young idiot had never served and he was more than willing to sacrifice U.S soldiers to clear his guilt of being American. As long as you feel guilty about being American and chant the leftist zombie mantra you to can live happily here in never never land.